It’s Gonna Be A Blowout

March 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

Man, the choices are only two:

1. Face the reality
2. Runaway

My lecturer, who takes care of delegation stuff for the coming events in this university, is freaking me out.

He told (if you cannot say that as ‘commanded’) me to join the National Science Olympiad about two or three weeks ago.

When this event will be held? This Tuesday.

Have I studied or something like that?

Not at all.

Please, do not blame me. I’m a common university student who gets a lot of tasks and papers and tests and I am the secretary of the University Legislative Council who is running for some proposal deadlines. Even I still have no time to study for Mathematical Physics mid-test this Wednesday until I realize that the day before I should go to Malang for the olympiad I mentioned before.

The campus party has not held any kind of training for the participants. And what does that mean?

That means we have no enough preparation, if you don’t wanna say that as ‘we have no preparation AT ALL’.

Except filling out the forms.

It makes me carzy. I’m a perfectionist. And now I’m not sure to continue my degree as participant if I’m not ready like this. Seriously. It’s a big event. BIG EVENT. I don’t wanna embarrass myself.

And my alma mater, fucking seriously.

Yeah yeah I know they gave me trust to join this.

Hahahah. Trust.

Trust cannot make you win the olympiad.

NO. NO. Don’t misunderstand me. I’m not that selfish. I don’t mean to say I have to win. I am even laughing now to think of things like that.

Do you know what I think I have to do?

I have to do my best. I have to bring out my potensials as well as I can. No matter what the result will be.

And for making that come true, there are ways.

And I don’t have enough ways.

The party don’t give me enough ways.

So this is perfect. Perfectly BAD.

Hmm, do you think this is already bad enough? You’re wrong.

Again, my lecturer ask me to join the English Debate Competition. To join this, I MUST have a team containing two people. My lecturer give me one guy to be my partner in team.

I can guarantee, this guy was chosen randomly by my beloved lecturer.

Do you know? His English is not that good.

Yea yea I know he is clever, and smart.

But his English is not that good.

The event is called, ‘ENGLISH Debate Competition’, remember?

You do. My lecturer doesn’t.

The worst: this event is gonna be hold in Tuesday morning.

Let me give you a map: Tuesday morning I’ll join the debate competition with random preparation, Tuesday afternoon I’ll join the olympiad with no preparation.

I wanna go home.


P. S.: I wrote this in about 15 minutes. You don’t care? Neither do I.



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